Because every kitty deserves a chance

to live and to be loved.


Kitty Fund

This donation will help us reach our goal of reduced euthanasia and more lives saved in our community. Because of your help we have raised $100,000 and named the Feral Cat Patio in memory of Wendy and her love of cats. Please help us to continue to support and help the cats of Tampa Bay. On behalf of Wendy, Lily, Bobo, Rudy, Philly, Bebe, and Nelson, THANK YOU for your support.

Or if you are interested in pledging to raise $1,000 and becoming a part of Wendy's Kitty Camp, please email us from our contact page!

Please send all checks to...

Humane Society of Tampa Bay

3607 N Armenia Ave.

Tampa, FL 33607

Make checks out to Humane Society of Tampa Bay, with Wendy's Kitty Fund in the memo line or write a letter indicating the donation is for this fund.

2 Corners

Please click on the Humane Society Logo to donate and designate to "Wendy's Kitty Fund" in the notes section